Retreat With The Lord Updates last updated March 25, 2013.

Meditation days are given rather than page numbers because of different editions of the book.

Go to Day 5, Meditation 13, “Maxim of St. Ignatius”
Capitalize pronouns of God:  His Divine Majesty, “His greater service,” and His graces.”  Change “living” to “livery.” Note: livery refers to the uniform worn by a servant.

Should read:
“I am sure that, with the perfect grace and gentleness which His Divine Majesty has bestowed on your highness for His greater service and praise, your highness will take time to recognize Hisgraces and will be able to distinguish what is good from what is bad, to your own advantage. You will understand that, the more we desire to succeed, apart from offense on the part of our neighbor, in clothing ourselves with the livery of Christ Our Lord which is woven out of insult, false witness, and every other kind of injustice, the more we shall advance in spirit and earn those spiritual riches with which, if we are leading spiritual lives, our souls are sure to be adorned” (Letter to the King of Portugal, John III, March 15, 1545).

Go to Day 22, Meditation 66
There are five places to change the word “Caiaphas” to “Annas”.

  • The title should read: “JESUS BEFORE ANNAS.”
  • The first sentence under the title should read:

“St. John is the only evangelist who narrates the trial of Jesus before the high priest Annas.”

  • The fourth paragraph under the title “Jesus Before Annas” should read:

“Dialogue between Christ and Annas.  We are not told exactly what Annasasked Jesus except that he questioned Him about His disciples and His teaching.  Jesus would not give him a direct answer.  Instead he asked Annas‘Why do you question me? Question those who have heard what I said.’”