Blazon of the Arms of the Marian Catechist Apostolate
Blue celeste two piles in point or, in dexter chief a dove proper, in sinister a cross gules, over all a heart gules pierced by a sword palewise argent. 
On a light blue field, two gold “piles” (tapering shapes like wedges) originate in the top corners and almost meet in the lower center, at the base of the one on the left is a dove, at the base of the one on the right is a red cross, and in the center of the shield is a red heart pierced by a silver sword.
The gold piles present God’s two divine motions. The downward movement is the Son’s incarnation through the power of the Holy Spirit, the upward movement is Christ’s drawing man to God through the sacrifice of the Cross. The central Marian symbol—the cross pierced with a sword (LK. 2:34-35)—reminds us that both the movement of God towards Man and that of Man towards God was made possible by Mary’s assent.