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Holy Week audio presentations

To meditate on the Lord’s Passion with the help of our beloved founder Servant of God Father John A. Hardon, S.J., scroll down to the audios listed for Retreat Days 22 through 25.

Thirty-Day Ignatian Retreat

The Marian Catechist Apostolate’s thirty-day at home Ignatian retreat is part of the spiritual formation of those seeking Consecration as Marian Catechists. It is organized out of the International Office and made at home with the assistance of our Spiritual Directors. Members of the Apostolate who have finished Father Hardon’s Revised Basic Course and would like to be placed on the waiting list for the retreat may call the office at (608) 782-0011 or email us.

Articles used in 30-day retreat Manual

The following articles are from the Marian Catechist Apostolate’s Retreat Manual and are given in one document here for your convenience

  1. General and Particular Examens by Father John A. Hardon, S.J.
  2. Examination of Conscience on the Theological Virtues by Father John A. Hardon, S.J.
  3. Discernment of Spirits articles:
  4. Appendix articles:
  • Prayer and Divine Reading (Lectio divina) by Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
  • What is Spiritual Reading by Father John A. Hardon, S.J.
  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray by Father John A. Hardon, S.J.
  • The Our Father by Father John A. Hardon, S.J.
  • The Hail Mary by Saint Louis De Montfort
  • Recommendations for those completing the Exercises by Father John Morris, S.J.


Optional audio presentations for those currently making the 30-day retreat.

The audio recordings of Father John A. Hardon, S.J. are given here according to the day of the 30-day retreat. All are optional, none are required for the retreat.

If you desire, listen to days 0, 1, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 19 before the retreat starts. You may listen to all of the presentations before the retreat but some make more sense when heard during the days of the retreat.

“Series” in the title refers to where the presentations are found in the audio listings on the Real Presence website: All recordings are copyright of Inter Mirifica. Used here with permission.

Optional Audios in Preparation for Retreat

Day 0 Why Make a Retreat Series49 (32:27) Part One
Day 0 Why Make a Retreat Part Two (6:06) 
Day 0 Introduction to the Exercises Series83 (44:01)
Day 0 Preparation Series40 (53:34)
Day 0 Love of God Series49 (Transcription of presentation.) In progress
Day 0 Inordinate Attachments Series91 (44:01) (Transcription of presentation.) 
Day 0 Aspirations/Resentments Series102 (56:06) 
Day 0 Temptation/Inspiration Series102 (48:26)
Day 0 Consolation Series102 (29:38)

Optional Audios for Specific Days of the Retreat

Day 1 Principle and Foundation Series49 (43:49)
Day 2 01 Providence/Angels Series01 (54:56)
Day 2 02 Sin Series40 (55:46)
Day 3 Self Knowledge/Sinner Series49 (42:08)
Day 4 Providence Series30 (56:23)

Day 6 Annunciation Series125 (54:01)
Day 6 Incarnation Series40 (25:15)
Day 6 Visitation Series125 (1:19:52)

Day 7 Bethlehem Simple Faith Series128 (7:00)
Day 7 Bethlehem Providence Series43 (25:31)
Day 7 Birth of Jesus Series125 (36:20)
Day 7 Incarnation Series40 (30:24)

Day 8-12 Each Meditation Hour Series50 (36:23)
Day 8 A Presentation Series125 (52:26)
Day 8 Finding Jesus Series125 (55:42)

Day 9 Discernment of Spirits Series48 (35:35)  (Transcription of presentation.
Day 9 Gift/Discernment Series92 (57:17)  (Transcription of presentation.) 
Day 9 The Evil Spirit in Conflict with Christ and His Followers Series48 Part One;  (Transcription of presentation.)
Day 9 The Evil Spirit in Conflict Part Two

Day 10 Generosity Series49 (43:09)
Day 10 Generous Toward God Series91 (57:28)
Day 10 Who Is Rich? Series129 (12:46)

Day 11 Evil Spirit Temptation Series48 (41:42)

Day 13 Beatitudes 1-4 Series40 (36:57)
Day 13 Beatitudes 5-7 Series40 (52:07)
Day 13 Beatitude 8 Series40 (58:17)
Day 13 Beatitude Series92 (49:08)

Day 13 Parables Series98 (44:34)

Day 15 Each Meditation Hour Series50 (24:49)
Day 15 Lord’s Prayer/Petitions Series124 (45:51)
Day 15 Lord’s Prayer Series48 (40:19)

Day 16 Lord’s Prayer/Necessity Series124 (48:22)
Day 16 Each Meditation Hour Series50 (21:18)

Day 17 Each Meditation Hour Series50 (27:03)

Day 18 Each Meditation Hour Series50 (10:48)
Day 18 Transfiguration Series129 (16:28)

Day 19 Decision Making Series49 (49:29)
Day 19 Each Meditation Hour-Short Series50 (8:56)
Day 19 Humility of Heart Series133 (37:31)
Day 19 Making Resolutions Series43 (27:12)
Day 19 Practice Humility Series131 (18:10)
Day 19 Resolutions Series129 (35:50)

Day 20 Last Supper Series40 (53:23)

Day 21 Live The Mass Series133 (43:15)
Day 21 Mass Series49 (44:23)
Day 21 Real Presence Series49 (42:16)
Day 21 Why the Eucharist? Series123 (42:17)

Day 22 Agony in the Garden Series125 (40:49)

Day 23 Christ’s Love and Passion Series48 (19:44)

Day 24 00 Scourging Series125 (40:15)

Day 24 00 Crowning with Thorns Series125 (53:11)

Day 24 01 Carrying the Cross Series125 (39:33)
Day 24 02 Crucifixion and Death Series125 (46:40)
Day 24 03 Passion of Christ Series48 (35:07)

Day 25 Resurrection Series40 (51:54)
Day 25 Resurrection Series48 (38:32)
Day 25 Resurrection Series125 (1:15)

Day 26 27 Primacy of Peter Series49 (49:05)

Day 28 Ascension Series125 (49:58)
Day 28 Meaning of Heaven Series40 (28:16)
Day 28 Promise of Heaven Series48 (44:16)

Day 29 Grow In Love Series91 (49:42)

Day 30 Growth In Love Series40 (37:52)
Day 30 Methods of Prayer Series51 (33:35)

If you have listened to other presentations by Father Hardon that would be helpful to retreatants, please contact us with your suggestions.

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