Those preparing for Consecration / Renewal are encouraged to meditate on the words of this Prayer of Consecration.

O most amiable and adorable Heart of Jesus, O Heart infinitely compassionate and merciful, my refuge in all dangers, my hope in all trials, my comfort and consolation in all sorrows, behold me humbly prostrate before You to implore Your mercy, to claim Your protection, and to offer myself entirely to You. You see the dangers that surround me, the storms by which I am assailed. The powers of darkness have risen against Your holy Church and against me, Your unworthy but devoted servant. They have laid waste Your inheritance, they have overturned Your altars, they have persecuted those that love and honor Your sacred Name. And now they glory in the evil which they have done and daily boast that they have triumphed over You and Your Church, and have destroyed Your worship from the face of the earth. But You are almighty, and who shall resist You? You will arise in Your power and Your enemies shall perish from before Your face. You will command the winds and the waves and there shall be a great calm.

Animated with this confidence in Your power and Your love, O divine Heart, I present my supplication on this day of my solemn Consecration to You. Deign to receive my offering, unworthy as it is, and grant my prayer for the Church and for Your devoted Marian Catechists who solemnly dedicate themselves to Your honor. O merciful Heart, ever open to admit me into Your sacred and secure asylum. I, Your servant, member of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, desiring to give You a proof of my devotion and to receive from You the assistance and protection which I need in these calamitous times for the Church, for the Holy See, and for myself, do on this day publicly and solemnly consecrate myself entirely to You; my life and labors; my thoughts, words, actions, and sufferings. I pledge myself to You as Your devoted servant forever. I consecrate to You my person, my home, my occupation and my family, and all those for whose spiritual good I labor in Your service, that Your Spirit may reign over them, Your love sustain them, Your grace sanctify them and make them at all times pleasing to Your sight.

O sweet and adorable Heart of Jesus, accept this holocaust which I offer; inflame it with Your divine love, that it may ascend before You in an odor of sweetness; and that, united with Your infinite merits, it may bring down upon me, upon Your holy Church, upon our Holy Father, our much afflicted Pontiff, His Holiness Pope Francis, and upon all members of our organization the abundance of Your blessing, the heavenly showers of Your graces, the rich treasures which You have promised to those who would honor You. I make my Consecration, uniting my heart to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and begging the Virgin Mother of God to present it to You. Through her maternal intercession may I do always what You, her Son, tell me to do for Your glory and for the salvation of souls. Throw around me, Your servant, the shield of Your protection, guard me against the malice of the wicked, who hate Your Church because it is Yours and persecute me because  I love Your holy Name and defend Your honor. Let me find in You my refuge, my consolation, my hope. Be You my support in life, my confidence in death, my eternal enjoyment in Heaven. Amen.

Original Act of Consecration written by Father John A. Hardon, S.J., founder of the Marian Catechist Apostolate

Current Act of Consecration approved May 13, 2004 by Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke,
International Director of the Marian Catechist Apostolate