Writing for Publication

Marty Barrack

Marty Barrack

Some Observations on Writing Books

There are three phases to authoring a Catholic book. This site will show you how to prepare, write, and publish it.

There is a joy to Catholic book publishing that is indescribable. Second Exodus has touched the hearts of so many people. I hear so many stories of people whose faith and lives were unraveling, and after reading the book were secure and happy in their Catholic faith. The royalty checks, welcome as they are, are nothing compared with the satisfaction of seeing souls find comfort. That great love should be our constant motivation for writing.

Love for Christ and for our brothers and sisters in this life should also be our only motivation. Believe me, you are not going to make a lot of money in Catholic writing, particularly Catholic writing that is faithful to the Magisterium. None of us makes much money. But we do get rich.


Newspaper Articles and Columns

Writing for a newspaper is considerably easier than writing a magazine article, because the shorter lifespan of such writing requires less stringent standards for articulate expression. It is well suited to Marian Catechists who write naturally in a somewhat informal style.



Writing a pamphlet is actually quite challenging. The small amount of available space requires that the writer be skillful in getting straight to the point while remaining fully consistent with Catholic magisterial teaching.


Letters to the Editor

Writing a letter to the editor of a large publication still requires considerable effort at articulate and succinct expression.


Letters to the Bishop

Writing to the bishop. Strictly speaking, “writing to the bishop” doesn’t belong in this category. A letter to the bishop is a private communication, not intended for widespread publication. However, since Marian Catechists are invited to look in this section for help in writing, please forgive the inconsistency. In particular, a letter to the bishop must be clear, brief and well organized.