Marian Catechist Writers Apostolate

Marty Barrack

Marty Barrack

During the year 1998 Father Hardon asked me to build a web site for my Second Exodus Apostolate. It proved extremely helpful to give the Holy Spirit a way to connect persons who needed help in my particular area, the Jewish heritage of the Catholic Church, with the information I could make available. By that time I was already a Marian Catechist, but during the first few years I was so busy building my own site that I had time for little else.

But by 2002 I sensed a call from God to develop a site for the Marian Catechist Apostolate. I discussed it with Archbishop Burke, who warmly encouraged me to go ahead. During the ensuing years it acquired more pages and became more polished. Then, during 2009, I sensed that God wanted me to transition day-to-day operation of the site to the National Office so I could concentrate on new emerging responsibilities that He was preparing me for. Sensing that the time had come for the site to be updated, the National Office took up the day-to-day operation and worked with Zach Tudahl to build a new and more contemporary site. I was delighted to see how much it improved on my original work.

Also back in 1998, Father Hardon sensed a need for Marian Catechists to write extensively. He wrote an article, The Writing Apostolate of the Marian Catechists, and asked me to start and run a Marian Catechist Writers Apostolate. I was happy to serve. When I set up the original Marian Catechist web site in 2002 I included an explanation of the Writers Apostolate. At that time I was receiving so many questions, many of them duplicating one another, that I resolved to expand the Writers Apostolate area to answer as many of them as I could online. I still run the Writers Apostolate, and my explanation of how to write for publication is here.

Marian Catechists are Catholics marked by extraordinary spiritual development and knowledge of their faith. It is my honor and privilege to run the Marian Catechist Writers Apostolate, which provides guidance to Marian Catechists interested in writing for publication.

The first and foremost page to read in this area is Father Hardon’s statement emphasizing the need for Marian Catechists to write.

The central features of this site area are the instructions on how to write a book, magazine article, web page, newspaper article, pamphlet, or letter-to-the-editor, and the Other Helpful Resources. So this site area tells you how to write it, and where to find most of the information.

The Other Helpful Resources page is particularly important. Pastoral writing (Let me tell you about my wonderful grandfather…) can sometimes be done without authoritative information. But we are Marian Catechists. We teach the divinely revealed truths that Jesus sent across the centuries to us through the Magisterium. When we say, "The Church teaches…," we always quote or cite an authoritative document. In that way, we do not speak, but the Church speaks through us. Lk 10:16 “He who hears you hears me."

All visitors to this site are welcome to read these and, with God’s grace, use them in His service. Limited time allows me to provide personal help in this area only to Marian Catechists.