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Why Be a Catholic?


George Carter


In a world beset with confused and confusing thinking ignorance is rampant. With knowledge and information highly fragmented, and people distracted by technology, false prophets who some call experts, or more accurately wolves in sheep’s clothing, prowl the world, spreading false ideas, particularly about religion (“The stairway to God”). Modern secularists who now worship at the feet of false gods like equality and sameness actually think that they, like the ancient, heretical Gnostics, possess superior knowledge compared with their fellow (“uneducated”) man.They seek to seduce particularly Catholic believers away from their Church. And apparently have enjoyed much success in their efforts; scratch a modern Catholic and you will be greeted with some bemusement when you ask them what it really means to be a Catholic in good standing with the Church. The need has, therefore, never been greater to lay out in simple and clear language statements on what it means to be a Catholic, particularly in contradistinction to Protestants. George Carter does this in a masterful way, with some seven score of thoughts directed both at Catholics and non-Catholics alike. He also provides his readers with two added bonuses. One informs them of the meaning behind the postures Catholics adopt when they attend Mass. The other states why non-Catholics are not allowed to receive Holy Communion, even when they are welcome to attend Catholic services, particularly the Mass.