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There Must Be More Than This


Identity & Spiritual Renewal in the Kingdom of “Whatever”

A Letter to My Generation

Daniel Schwindt

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As millennials we stand accused—of aimlessness, entitlement, indifference, lack of gratitude— merely for existing under the wrong conditions, for illustrating simply by that fact the wrongness of those conditions. This book offers an apologia for an entire generation. It is not so much a solution to our problems as an orientation allowing us to face them. It provides a way of understanding ourselves, leading us to see what our increasingly economic mode of being has lopped off and discarded. We have inherited a deformed anthropology, an inane status quo, for which we have been told we ought to be thankful. We need to rediscover meaning in a world that has become a matter of indifference to us. It will take work, it won’t be easy, and it will have to start with our generation.