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The Work of Children


 Helping Children Understand the Meaning, Purpose, and Value of Work

Esther Joos Esteban, Ph.D.

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This book is for any parent who has struggled to get their children to clean up their room, wash the dishes, or take out the garbage. But it isn’t just about how to teach your children to do what they’re told and to share in the household chores. It’s about educating them in one of the most vital elements of human life: work.In The Work of Children child education expert Esther Joos Esteban shares her many years of experience as an educator, child psychologist, and mother of four to help parents prepare their children to do work of any variety, in any place, with commitment, competence, and a fulfilling sense of purpose. Through personal stories and examples, she highlights the universal phenomenon of work and inspires parents to probe into its essence. She also offers many practical parenting tips and strategies that help parents instill in their children positive work attitudes that ennoble, enable, and empower them to become happy and responsible working adults.