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The Splendor of Love


Walter J. Schu, LC

Introduction by George Weigel

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Finally-a reader-friendly, yet thorough explanation of Pope John Paul II’s theology of the body – enlivened with stories and anecdotes! The Splendor of Love: John Paul II’s Vision for Marriage and Family, by Fr. Walter Schu, LC, makes the Holy Father’s profound insights accessible to everyone who desires to build the new civilization of love. Discover. . . ? the nuptial meaning of the body ? a new horizon of married love in the language of the body ? how true conjugal love integrates the sexual urge, emotional attraction, and the personal gift of self ? a compelling spirituality for spouses and parents ? the three pillars of John Paul II’s Christian humanism ? the threats against marriage and family that endanger humanity’s future-and how to respond ? the two irreconcilable visions of the person that lie behind contraception and NFP ? the role of human sexuality in both marriage and celibacy, and how each vocation supports and sheds light on the other ? and much more!