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The King’s Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland



Ages 16 and up for mature theme

by Susan Peek (Author)

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Amazon #1 Seller!

– Finalist 2018 Catholic Arts and Letters Award
– Catholic Reads 2017 TOP 10 BOOKS
​- Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars
– Awarded Catholic Writers’ Guild Seal of Approval 2017

An insane king. His fleeing daughter. Estranged brothers, with a scarred past, risking everything to save her from a fate worse than death. Toss in a holy priest and a lovable wolfhound, and get ready for a wild race across Ireland! Will Dymphna escape her deranged father and his sinful desires?
(Note: Ages 16 and up for mature themes.)

  • Paperback: 316 pages


“Susan Peek’s best book yet! She has taken this story about a little known saint and created a heart-pounding adventure. As St. Dymphna flees her demented father, her journey across Ireland makes for an amazing story that will appeal to both genders. Girls will be inspired by this strong, kind, spiritual female. While boys will enjoy the equally compelling story of the two brothers, with a heart-breaking past, that help her. The combination of perfectly timed humor, riveting chase scenes, and swashbuckling fights makes for a must read book.” – Reviewed by Leslea Wahl, Award-winning Author of The Perfect Blindside 

“Five Stars! Susan Peek has written a beautiful story of faith in her non-stop action book, The King’s Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland. This is a story that will hold readers’ attention from beginning to end. Everyone will relate to the emotions and feelings of the characters in this book. The unwavering faith that is portrayed inside these pages is a beautiful gift to the reader. The King’s Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland is a must-read for all ages.I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is very well written, with a great plot, and a beautiful outcome with many lessons to be shared.” – Reviewed by Teresa Syms for Readers’ Favorite

“Five Stars! The King’s Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland by Susan Peek is set against the backdrop of Ireland and brings Saint Dymphna to life. Saint Dymphna is the champion of any soul hurting, in mind or heart, and the story takes readers through broken hearts, misunderstandings, and sacrificial love. Turlough and Brioc are two Irish orphan brothers who come to the rescue of Dymphna and save her from marrying her widowed father, who thinks she is his late wife, Odilla. Dymphna flees the country with the help of a few of her companions. Running parallel to this story is the story of Turlough and Brioc whose entire family is lost due to famine and disease. The story gives readers a saint they can relate to and will love forever, and is also about how she reunites two brothers who are against each other. The story has many layers and I like the way the author seamlessly blends the story of Saint Dymphna with that of the two brothers, Brioc and Turlough. There is a lot of action, drama, and adventure in the plot. A deranged father and his desire to wed his own daughter, Dymphna’s journey across Ireland while escaping from her father, the heartbreaking past of Turlough and Brioc, and the spiritual journey in the story make it a compelling read. The author portrays some strong, uplifting, and inspiring characters through the story and her descriptive narrative skills make the scenes vivid. The author’s attempt in bringing back the forgotten Saint Dymphna through this book works well and I like the way she brings out contrasting themes of evil, sin, violence, ugliness, and turmoil against the beautiful emotions of sacrifice, faith, hope, and courage, and knits them together to give readers an exciting and memorable story. The way the author weaves the two plots together is very impressive. – Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers Favorite 

“If you read Saint Magnus,The Last Viking with bated breath, The King’s Prey will leave you gasping! This inspiring and gripping novel will introduce you to a saint you will love forever! Teenage girls will see that Dymphna was just like them, a real girl, while young men will thrill at the heart-stopping action and meet heroes they can easily relate to. If ever a Heavenly friend was needed in these times of widespread depression and emotional instability, this forgotten Irish saint is it! My students have waited for this one with the greatest anticipation!” – Sister Mary Roberta, Teaching Nun

“Neither stiff nor stuffy, The King’s Prey brings home that the saints were people just like us! Those of us who teach youth realize how necessary it is to have this kind of literature available for our young Catholics today.” – Father Antonio of the Immaculate Conception, O.S.F.
“Incredible emotional adventure. Will hold readers’ attention from the beginning to the end. The unwavering faith that is portrayed inside these pages is a beautiful gift to the reader. Very well written . . . A must-read for all ages.” – Readers’ Favorite (Awarded 5 Stars)