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The Deceiver


Our Daily Struggle with Satan

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by Livio Fanzaga

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The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle With Satan by Rev. Livio Fanzaga “The devil, the ‘prince of this world,’ even today continues his insidious actions. Each and every man … is tempted by the devil when he least expects it.” Providentially, perhaps, that is the exact theme of Fr. Livio Fanzaga’s The Deceiver: Our Daily Battle with Satan—the top-selling religious book in Italy in 2000, now in English from Roman Catholic Books. Fr. Fanzaga, the Rome educated and Vatican-endorsed writer and director of Europe’s largest Catholic radio network, warns: Efforts to soft-pedal the reality and continuous threat of the devil have left many Catholics “unarmed and unprepared” to resist him. But the question is: How does Satan tempt and deceive us? How can we see through him, and resist him? Drawing dazzlingly from Scripture, tradition, saints’ lives, and his pastoral experience, Fr. Fanzaga supplies practical answers: Widespread misconceptions about Satan, his methods and his powers (shared by not a few devout Catholics) How Satan “personalizes” temptations to take advantage of your peculiar weaknesses Two “fundamental activities” of Satan, seen in Scripture The False Benefactor: how Satan always has something seemingly “good” to offer at the moment of temptation