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The Conversion Story of Sharon Lee Giganti – CD


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With her conversion story, Sharon began warning the public about the dangers of New Age Thinking, long before “The Secret”, “A Course in Miracles” and “The Law of Attraction” became household names. One of those very first talks remains a favorite – given at the North County Magnificat in 2003, you’ll hear Sharon tell how her own family’s horrific crisis woke her up to the hidden dangers of New Age “spirituality”, and brought her back to the Light of God’s Truth.

Sharon Lee Giganti, a former Miss San Diego County, and runner-up to Miss California, left Hollywood at the height of her success to pursue a “Higher Purpose”. Believing that she had found the true way to serve God through her devotion to a channeled spirit named, Abraham, and the New Age “bible” known as, A Course in Miracles, she had intended to teach “a new and more enlightened way to be loving” with these popular Law of Attraction and New Thought philosophies.

But by 1999, disillusioned with the devastation these teaching so often produced she realized they were deceptive, and lacked the real presence of Jesus Christ. Thankfully, Sharon’s diligent search for Truth began to lead her home, to authentic Christianity. And, when-still clinging to some of her New Age beliefs-tragedy struck her family, she finally, fully realized the dangers of the occult, and walked away from the world of New Thought for good.

During a year of incredible loss, (the murder of her 4 month old nephew and subsequent life sentencing of her brother) Sharon says she saw clearly, as if for the first time; the real consequences of sin, the fallacy of many “New Thought” tenets, and the true teachings of the Bible playing out right before her eyes, a mid the tragic events surrounding her. With courageous honesty, she reveals how her “New Age” influence may have unwittingly played a part in her family’s tragedy-and how God’s Saving Word brought her out of that spiritual darkness and into the Light of Truth!

Now a certified Catholic catechist, a novice with the Holy Family Institute, and a regular guest on Catholic Answers Live Radio, her testimony can help other families to avoid similar heartache as her true story exposes the hidden danger of actually applying some of the New Thought Movement’s most popular principles. Her original message is a timely one, as the very same infectious ideologies she first spoke of, are now being taught and heavily promoted in the media; in books such as, “The Secret” and “A New Earth”, and on popular television shows such as Oprah and Larry King. Sharon hopes her story can help turn the tide, back towards the Truth
and the True Love of Jesus Christ.