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The Catholic Mass Revealed!

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Featuring stunning visuals, beautiful commentary and outstanding production values, this remarkable collection takes you deeper into the Catholic Mass as it has been celebrated for two thousand years. This DVD explains step-by-step the beautiful gift of the Catholic Mass with beautiful imagery from Catholic Masses through the US. The accompanying written commentary and original score makes this a perfect resource to explain the Mass, renew your love for the Mass, and a great tool for group discussions. The commentary CD contains extended commentary, explanation and reflection on the Catholic Mass. This commentary is set to music and is perfect for both meditations and formal group discussions. Contains original sacred music for the Liturgy written by Thy Kingdom Come and sacred hymns by classical composers, all performed in a beautiful vocal arrangement. Soundtrack includes: Agnus Dei, Ave Maria, Tantum Ergo, O Salutaris and 11 more.

Free 96 Page Book With DVD Purchase

The Catholic Mass is the most sacred act of worship a person can participate in upon earth. At the Last Supper, Jesus Christ, sat down with his chosen Apostles for what He knew would be their last meal together. At that supper, Jesus does something new, something never done before, and yet something which continues until the end of time. Knowing more about the Mass, we can be closer to Christ and to the miracle He left us on that Holy Thursday night. “The Catholic Mass…Revealed!” is designed to help all people, whether Catholic or not, to better understand the miracle of the Mass. We can come to appreciate its beauty, its rhythm, even why many in history have faced death rather than be deprived of the opportunity to participate in the Mass. Our prayer is that you come to know and love the Mass as making present again the sacrifice of Christ’s love for us, and a continuation of His Last Supper with his apostles. You too can come to know and love Jesus Christ who both commands and invites us to encounter Him in this very special way.   REG $14.9