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The Book of Infinite Love

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by Mother Louise Claret de la Touche

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Shortly before her death, Mother Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche (1868-1915) was commissioned by her bishop to write The Book of Infinite Love. Aimed at all Catholics, it is an effort to expound upon the nature and bounties of God’s love for men, but more particularly, it shows how God’s love is meant to be manifested throughout the world by the overflowing of Christ’s love in His priests.

Those who read these pages will marvel that they were composed by an uneducated and unlettered woman. Those who knew her personally concluded that this book was written with divine assistance. Infinite Love! It is the substance of Catholic doctrine, it is its center; it is the explanation of all the mysteries of our Faith. It is not only the love of God for the creature, it is God Himself.