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Sermons of St. Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, S.J. Part 1



From Advent to Passion Sunday


By SJ Robert Cardinal Bellarmine
SJ Kenneth Baker (Trans)

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Saint Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, S.J., preached a series of sermons to the students and faculty of the University of Louvain, Belgium, in the 1570s (87 sermons in all). These sermons were preached in Latin, since at the time Latin was the language of the university and of all serious scholars. They contain a great deal of Christian wisdom and a lot of Catholic doctrine. They are sermons and not lectures; the purpose was to move the wills of the hearers to repentance for sin and the practice of virtue in order to attain eternal life. Some of these sermons are very long, running to ten thousand words – delivery lasting up to an hour and a half. • Part I contains twenty-nine sermons which cover the feasts from Advent to Passion Sunday.

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