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Romancing God: Contemplating the Beloved


by Ramon Lull

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Romancing God contains two of Ramn Lull’s most accessible mystical works, The Art of Contemplation, an attainable guide to devotions through the virtues of God; and The Book of the Lover and the Beloved, 365 short verses of conversation between the soul and God.
A prolific writer, scholar, philosopher, and theologian, Lull wrote with a burning desire to inspire conversion through education and instruction, enabling people to defend their faith without violence. The excerpts in this volume were written expressly for the faithful of Rome.

Romancing God offers a glimpse into the life of a devoted soul conversing with his Creator, a learned man finding the meaning of life through his own search and discovery of God’s love. The timeless wisdom and guidance offered in Lull’s writing are as relevant today as they were 700 years ago.