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George and Margaret Morse

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Volume 1         On Faith, Revelation and the Bible

Volume 2         On Christ Our Lord, True God and True Man

Volume 3         On the Church   

Volume 4         On Marriage, Family and Sexuality

Volume 5         On the Sanctity of Human Life

Volume 6         On the Social Teaching of the Church

Volume 7         On the Ordained Priesthood

Volume 9         On Worship and Sacraments

Volume 8         On the Christian Call to Personal Sanctification

Volume 10       On Catholic Education

Volume 11       On Marian Devotions and the Last Things

Volume 12       Supplemental Magisterial Documents

Volume 13       Supplemental Magisterial Documents II

  • The series is no longer published and we have a limited number of 11 Volume sets still available for purchase (Volume 3 & volume 4 are not included in the remaining sets). 
  • When the 11 Volume sets are gone, we will have several 9 volume sets without Volumes 3, 6, 7,  & 10 for the same price as above.
  • Disclaimer: Though none of the books are used, a few of the volumes are not in pristine condition due to past storage conditions.

We recently had the unique opportunity to rescue the last remaining copies of the Precis of Official Catholic Teaching. The Precis* (or summary) is a thirteen volume series that puts the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church at your fingertips. What could take hours of searching, even on the internet, is provided in this “short cut” to the minds of Popes and Councils.  The Precis complements the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Catechism is the compendium of Catholic doctrine; the Precis applies this doctrine to Christian living throughout 2000 years.

“The Precis marvelously complements the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  The Catechism is the compendium of Catholic doctrine; the Precis applies this doctrine to Christian living throughout 2000 years.” – Professor William E. May, John Paul II Institute

This collection of Council documents, Papal letters, encyclicals and documents by the dicasteries (up to the year 2005), are compact, 5”x 8” volumes, arranged according to topic, and condensed to core content and referenced by document and paragraph number. They offer quick access to the true teachings of the Church. These books have been used in over 50 countries and will be a precious resource for all Marian Catechists.

In order to make these accessible to every Marian Catechist, we are making them available to you at the greatly discounted price of $50.00 per set ($150 value). If you are inclined to offer more, we are always in need of funds for our office expenses, but we feel it is important to get these books out to our catechists especially in these times when perhaps, we may not have internet service available for religious purposes. Donations can be made on our Home Page (Support button)

*History of the Precis: In 1986, George “Pat” Morse and his wife, Margaret, began producing, with magisterial and ecclesiastical approval and support, these clear, concise and orthodox summaries of Church teaching in the Precis.  When they met Pope Saint John Paul II on December 7, 1992, he acknowledged and praised this publication and told George and Margaret:

“Your work is very important to the Catholic Church.  What you are doing is for future generations.”

– Pope Saint John Paul II

George Morse, was an attorney. He served in security and intelligence positions during his 31 years in the Federal Government. While in the Army in World War II, he served with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) as Aide to General William (“Wild Bill”) Donovan, Director of OSS.  He also served on the staff of Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, Chief Prosecutor at Nuremberg. Though George has passed away, he left behind this invaluable series that we can use for teaching, research and education.