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Crisis in the Church – In This Sign You Will Conquer (Pt 1) CD



Listen to Father Altier share with us the “Spiritual Remedy for These Times”…Our Eucharistic Lord and Devotion to Our Lady

Father Robert Altier

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One could say that Fr. Altier is a visionary. Twenty five years ago, in 1993, at the St. Paul/ Minneapolis Marian Conference he presented: In this Sign You Will Conquer. 


Part 2 is titled Crisis in the Church: Communist & Homosexual Infiltration & a Time for Purification

Father Altier is such a wonderful preacher!  He says it like it is and at the same time he so gently and with great care leads us into our own soul searching.  His whole Catechetical series is like this!

Beauty, Truth, Goodness: The Fundamentals of Catholicism

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