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Endless Mercy


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A new and exceptional book following the life of Blessed Michael Sopoćko, the confessor and spiritual director of Saint Faustina Kowalska, starting from his humble beginnings, through the rich history of his priestly life, to reaching a culmination of Christian perfection. Father Michael Sopoćko was personally involved in the mystery of the revelations of the Merciful Jesus. God assigned to him the very important role of fulfilling the mission given to Sister Faustina. Father Sopoćko dedicated almost his entire life to this work. Faustina once wrote these words about Father Sopoćko spoken to her by Jesus: “He is a priest after My own Heart; his efforts are pleasing to Me (…) Through him it pleases Me to proclaim the worship of My Mercy” (Diary, 1256). “As a result of his efforts, a new light will shine in the Church of God for the consolation of souls” (Diary, 1390). There are also the memories of many people who knew him personally. They all bring to light new and essential facts about Divine Mercy and Fr. Sopoćko – the man who was chosen by God to convince the world of a Devotion so essential for life in the world we live in.