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Devotion to the Blessed Virgin



by Bishop Jacques Benigne Bossuet

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Being the substance of all the sermons for Mary s feasts through out the year –
The great and learned Jacques Benigne Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux in France, was the author of many works, most prominent among them the Continuity of Religion, a compact history of the world from a Catholic perspective.
This book is a translation of his sermons given on all of the principal feasts of Our Lady throughout the year. His profound knowledge of the scriptures and his excellent theological training combined with a deep love for the Mother of God was productive of these powerful insights and thoughts about the Theotokos.
From Bossuet s teaching we learn that, to quote Cardinal Manning s words, the titles of honor given to Mary are not metaphors but truths they express, not poetical or rhetorical ideas, but true and living relations between her and her Divine Son and between her and ourselves.