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Blessed John Henry Newman


Theologian and Spiritual Guide for Our Times

Keith Beaumont


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This official biography written by an Australian priest of the Oratoire de France is the Authorized Biography for the Beatification of John Henry Newman, and it is destined to be read by those from the world over who will be inspired by the declaration of Newman’s sanctity by Pope Benedict XVI in England. They will find in this book an extraordinary grasp of Newman’s significance and a genius for making it known.

It is illustrated throughout with beautiful photographs that bring to life Newman and his world.

John Henry Newman is a figure of immense significance for the Universal Church. His prophetic voice continues to speak far beyond the confines of 19th-century England. Almost every issue of significance for the Church today is enlightened by reference to his spirit, life and thought.

The relationship of these three elements, the spiritual, the moral and the intellectual, is at the heart of Fr. Keith Beaumont’s book, the official biography commissioned for the beatification.

Fr. Beaumont’s biography gives a clear account of all the major themes of Newman’s life and work, with judicious use of citations from this work so that Newman’s thought is in almost every case conveyed in his own words. Fr Beaumont also directs us to some lesser known sources to give us a balanced and complete view of the subtlety of Newman’s thought. Lavishly illustrated with photos and art on every page.