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Bishop Fulton J. Sheen


Mentor and Friend

by Msgr. Hilary Franco, STD, JCL, MA SOC

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By Msgr. Hilary Franco, STD, JCL, MA SOC. Never before revealed…. the memoirs of Archbishop Sheen’s closest friend and collaborator!

In 1959, a young priest was befriended by renowned TV personality Fulton J. Sheen. Young Fr. Hilary Franco soon became Bishop Sheen’s right hand in the latter’s worldwide evangelization efforts and and in his work at Vatican Council II. For eight years, the two even shared a house and chapel, ate daily meals together, walked to work together and traveled together all over the world. When later assignments sent them to different continents, the two remained in close contact by letter, phone and visits, until Archbishop Sheen’s death in 1979.

In 2013, Msgr. Franco was interviewed at length by Patrick Monaghan. Here, in an easy-to-read and friendly format, are memories that will warm your heart and bring tears to your eyes…. a peek into the bishop’s chapel and his deep prayer life… the inside scoop on his views and work during Vatican II… insights into what he thought and how he suffered during the turbulent religious climate in America during the late 60s and early 70s…. and much more. Hard to put down.

Foreword by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. 160 pp. Softcover.