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An Ignatian Introduction to Prayer


Timothy M Gallagher

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Scriptural Reflections According to the Spiritual Exercises

Bestselling author, Timothy Gallagher offers an accessible, personal practice of prayer. Each of the book’s 40 entries encourage us to live into the moments described in the Gospel and to be uplifted by a sense of identification with characters from scripture.

Potent tools for enriching prayer life, the exercises, guided meditations, and reflections in this inspiring book will nurture those seeking to deepen their spiritual development in accordance with St. Ignatius’s advice. Beginners will recognize and resonate with the evocative passages from scripture that provide a tender accompaniment for the first, tentative steps of such blessed prayer. Those familiar with Ignatian teaching will appreciate the Ignatian structure of the guided questions.

Each entry is comprised of a passage from the bible, a meditative guide for entering into the scriptural story, and questions to consider after prayer.

A great asset for spiritual and retreat directors, this book is also an important resource for study groups and individuals.