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An Explanation Of The Baltimore Catechism of Christian Doctrine


For The Use of Sunday-School Teachers and Advanced Classes Also known as Baltimore Catechism No. 4

Rev Thomas L Kinkead

Bro Hermenegild TOSF

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Catholic Faith. We are happy to be reproducing the original Baltimore Catechism series as prepared in the late 1800’s. This is a textual reproduction of the original. No changes have been made, although a note on a relaxation of the Communion fast is placed in the appropriate section, while the original question and answer are retained unchanged from the original. It should be remembered that a catechism prepared in this manner represents part of the ordinary magisterium or teaching authority of the Church, emanating as it does with the approval of the Bishops. By order of the Second Council of Baltimore, a catechism was prepared for use in Catholic Churches in the United States. This was done by Father Kinkead and issued in four volumes for the various levels of study as the Baltimore Catechism. No. 1 for First Communion classes. No. 2 for Confirmation classes. No. 3 for two years’ course for Post-Confirmation classes. No. 4 for Teachers and Teachers’ Training classes. This is also known as An Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism and is numbered in harmony with Baltimore Catechism number 2. A chart of the 1950’s fast laws has been added to the end of Baltimore number 4.