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Amazing Miracles of Padre Pio



… and the stories behind them

Frank M. Rega

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Third Order Franciscan Frank M. Rega offers a sampling of the amazing wonders performed by Padre Pio. From his first recorded miracle to his encounters with angels, Padre Pio’s supernatural gifts are many and profound; 219 pages.

Here is a sampling of just some of the amazing wonders you will read in this book; Padre Pio’s first recorded miracle; causing unauthorized photos of himself to come up blank; miraculously preventing auto accidents; his involvement in near-death experiences; visits from souls in Purgatory; encounters with angels; reading peoples’ thoughts and souls; leading to the conversion of stubborn unbelievers; his appearance to a Pope in bi-location; some saw him crowned with thorns, other saw him looking like Jesus; it even seemed he could manipulate time. His supernatural gifts are many and profound and as you will see, some of them cannot fit into any know categories.