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All for Jesus: The Easy Ways of Divine Love


by Fr. Frederick William Faber

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Love Jesus — the easy way! What have you done for Jesus today?
Have you spent even a moment thinking about His interests — and trying to further them in the world?

Have you tried to resist sin? Or prayed for someone? Have you tried to become more loving? More generous? More thankful? Have you made use in any way of the many riches God has given you?

If questions like these only make you feel guilty, turn to the wise author of this book, Fr. Frederick Faber. Instead of burdening you with reminders of your sinfulness, in All for Jesus this fervent and renowned spiritual writer says what few have ever dared to say about the spiritual life: “I want you to enjoy yourself.”

Cultivate a truly joyful Christian life

Fr. Faber isn’t talking about the empty joys of this world! He knows that your faith should be the happiness and sunshine of your life, but he also knows how hard it is to keep your spirit from being overwhelmed by the grinding dullness of duty. So in this series of bright and happy reflections, he helps you recapture the kind of love for Jesus that will do nothing less than make holiness easy for you.

Fr. Faber reveals three secrets that will give you a beautiful, even angelic character — three secrets that the saints knew and practiced well. With beguiling enthusiasm, he teaches you how to remember God throughout the day and to offer your love to Him. And he demonstrates, with numerous examples drawn from the lives of the saints, that the more you grow in love for Jesus, the more you’ll be able to face questions like those above with a full heart — knowing that God’s grace will provide for your every insufficiency. Looking for a delightful spiritual lift? Look no farther than All for Jesus! You’ll gain a newly fervent love for Jesus as you learn why you should pray regularly for others — and five soul-enriching ways you can do so; test yourself: Do you really believe in the power of prayer? How you can tell; have you ever heard of the seven joys of Mary? Discover them here — and their power to lead you to Jesus; four things you can ask from Jesus — they’ll make even your free time holy; six fruits you’ll gain from Jesus by praying for the souls in Purgatory; why you should thank Jesus not just for your own blessings, but for those that He has given to others; a surprising way you can adore Jesus in the churches of the world where He is most neglected; how you can find Jesus even in the things that distract you from Him; the immense spiritual fruit you’ll gain by being sorry not only for your own sins, but for the sins of others; the three goals that all your actions should be leading toward: are yours?; are you avoiding the common errors Christians make in prayer? Find out here; and much more that will make your following of Jesus as bright and as happy as it ought to be!