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A Primer on the Absolute Primacy of Christ



by Fr. Maximilian Dean

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An introductory work on the teaching of Bl. John Duns Scotus on the primacy of Christ written in popular and easy to follow argument.

Scotus’ Teachings on Christ made simple

This volume by Fr. Dean, FI is an excellent introductory summary of the well known Franciscan thesis, “The Primacy of Christ.” Briefly stated, it is a thesis central to the doctrine and life of the Franciscan Order in particular and that of the Holy Church in general regarding the operation of God in the economy of salvation (Economic Trinity). The thesis stipulates the centraility of Christ in this Trinitarian operation as it presupposes the hierarchized ordering in the motive of the divine will. The uniqueness of this volume is the author’s attempt to explain in simple language this theological doctrine for the non-professional theologians.