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A Crusade of Prayer and Fasting / Una cruzada de oración y ayuno



Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
Bishop Athanasius Schneider                                                                                                             

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It is our duty to make the faithful aware of some of the main errors that are being spread through the Instrumentum Laboris. By way of premise, it must be observed that the document is long and is marked by a language which is not clear in its meaning, especially in what regards the deposit of faith (depositum fidei).

A Crusade of Prayer and Fasting goes on to elaborate on the following principal errors contained in the Instrumentum Laboris:

  1. Implicit pantheism
  2. Pagan superstitions as sources of Divine Revelation and alternative pathways for salvation
  3. Intercultural dialogue instead of evangelization
  4. An erroneous conception of sacramental ordination, postulating worship ministers of either sex to perform even shamanic rituals
  5. An “integral ecology” that downgrades human dignity
  6. A tribal collectivism that undermines personal uniqueness and freedom

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