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A Crusade of Prayer and Fasting / Una cruzada de oración y ayuno


To Implore God that Error and Heresy do not pervert the coming Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon
Una cruzada de oración y ayuno para implorar a Dios que el error y la herejía no perviertan la Asamblea Especial del Sínodo de los Obispos para la región Panamazónica


Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
Bishop Athanasius Schneider                                                                                                             


Introduction of the Document

Various prelates and lay commentators, as well as lay institutions, have warned that the authors of the Instrumentum Laboris, issued by the secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, to serve as the basis for discussion in the coming Special Assembly for the Pan-Amazon, have inserted serious theological errors and heresies into the document.

We invite Catholic clergy and laity to participate in a crusade of prayer and fasting to implore our Lord and Savior, through the intercession of His Virgin Mother, for the following intentions:

  • that the theological errors and heresies inserted in the Instrumentum Laborismay not be approved during the synodal assembly;
  • that particularly Pope Francis, in the exercise of the Petrine ministry, may confirm his brethren in the faith by an unambiguous rejection of the errors of the Instrumentum Laborisand that he may not consent to the abolition of priestly celibacy in the Latin Church by introducing the praxis of the ordination of married men, the so-called “viri probati”, to the Holy Priesthood.

We propose a forty-day crusade of prayer and fasting to begin on September 17 and end on October 26, 2019, the day before the conclusion of the Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon. Anyone who first learns about the Crusade after the date of its beginning can naturally join the Crusade at any point.

During the forty-day crusade of prayer and fasting, we propose to pray daily at least one decade of the Holy Rosary and to fast once a week for the above mentioned intentions. According to the tradition of the Church, fasting consists in eating only one full meal during the day, and additionally, one may eat up to two smaller meals. Fasting on bread and water is also recommended to those who are able to do so.

It is our duty to make the faithful aware of some of the main errors that are being spread through the Instrumentum Laboris. By way of premise, it must be observed that the document is long and is marked by a language which is not clear in its meaning, especially in what regards the deposit of faith (depositum fidei).

A Crusade of Prayer and Fasting goes on to elaborate on the following principal errors contained in the Instrumentum Laboris:

  1. Implicit pantheism
  2. Pagan superstitions as sources of Divine Revelation and alternative pathways for salvation
  3. Intercultural dialogue instead of evangelization
  4. An erroneous conception of sacramental ordination, postulating worship ministers of either sex to perform even shamanic rituals
  5. An “integral ecology” that downgrades human dignity
  6. A tribal collectivism that undermines personal uniqueness and freedom

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