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Spiritual Excellence: How to Make Progress in Prayer and Love


by Alban Goodier

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It’’s a fact that many Catholics don’’t like to face: if you don’’t take regular, active steps to improve your spiritual life, you’’re certain to regress. When a crisis comes, you may even lose your Faith. That’’s why Spiritual Excellence could be the most important book you read this year or any year! It’s Archbishop Alban Goodier’s compendium of practical and pastoral guidance on how to move beyond the beginner’s stage into deeper, more fruitful prayer and more thoroughgoing, consistent acts of charity.
Archbishop Goodier, beloved author of The Meaning of Life:

The Catholic Answer, here helps you in innumerable ways to make real progress in your moral, spiritual, and even emotional life. He explains how you can clear away common hindrances to better prayer, learn from your sorrows and falls, and perfect your love for God and His creatures. He teaches you how to speak to God from your heart, not just from your lips, and to clear away distractions that keep you from turning to Christ as your truest and dearest friend.

With unusual insight, Archbishop Goodier also maps out some of the particular temptations that befall people who are especially devoted to pleasing God. He helps you avoid the dangers that are inherent in the enthusiasm of beginners, and to develop a wise and mature faith that is attractive to others and can stand during the most furious trials. Each chapter of Spiritual Excellence gives you the help you need to cope with the all-too-common challenges and obstacles on the road to holiness. Don’’t delay: order this book today, and begin the difficult but rewarding work you must do in order to prepare your soul for the delights of Heaven!

“The very effective spiritual writings of Archbishop Goodier were part of my life growing up, especially this book. It introduced me to real devotion to Jesus Christ when I was a boy. I am delighted to see them republished so that they will help the people of our times.” -Fr. Benedict Groeschel