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Catechism Course: The Father John A Hardon Advanced Course




by Father John A. Hardon S.J.


The Advanced Catechism Course is a clear exposition of the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Easy to understand and written in a simple style, it is also profound as Father Hardon always is in setting forth the teachings of the Church, leaving no doubt in minds of students-whether parents teaching their children, teachers with students, religious teaching others, or laity sharing the Faith on a day to day basis-as to what is required of us.  We all have an obligation to know,  learn and live the Faith.

To be fruitful, as Mother Theresa tells us in a foreword to the Manual,  we must pray,  believe,  and love the faith so that we may proclaim it in our lives.  The Advanced Course develops the four main topics of the Faith as introduced in the BASIC Course:  Faith (The Apostles Creed),  Grace (The Sacraments),  Christian Morality (The Ten Commandments) and Prayer (The Our Father).  Within these pages is a Treasure.

Pope John Paul II released the Catechism of the Catholic Church exactly 500 years to the day of Columbus’ discovery of America, which opened the most prolific missionary enterprise in the history of Christianity and accomplished the conversion of millions!  Today we need a new conversion of the same magnitude!  How blessed we are to have the opportunity to be a part of that great conversion.  Let us say “Yes” to Almighty God just as Mary did.  We can succeed in our little part of converting America through the use of these Courses.

Two additional reference sources used with this Course are The Question and Answer Catechism and The Catholic Catechism, both by Father Hardon.  You will love them.

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