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101 Quick Questions With Catholic Answers


Marriage, Divorce, and Annulment

Jim Blackburn

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For Catholics, marriage isn’t just an institution: It s a sacrament. In fact, almost 10 percent of the Code of Canon Law covers issues pertaining to marriage. But even if you don’t have the time to study all 111 marriage-related canons in the Church’s law books, you can still learn the ropes without getting tangled in them. Catholic Answers new book, 101 Quick Questions with Catholic Answers: Marriage, Divorce, and Annulment, is designed to help you. This book distills into one volume the many questions on marriage that have been asked and answered in the pages of Catholic Answers Premier magazine on Apologetics and Evangelization This Rock. Selected and introduced by Catholic Answers staff apologist Jim Blackburn, the book aims to help Catholics more fully understand the Catholic Church’s teaching and laws concerning marriage so that you can be assured of always treating marriage with the dignity and respect that God originally intended for this sacred institution. This book will serve as a simple introduction to the Catholic truth about this vital and sacred institution. In 101 Quick Questions with Catholic Answers: Marriage, Divorce, and Annulment, you ll learn: *The dos and don’ts of both Catholic and non-Catholic weddings, *The truth about prenuptial agreements, *The Church s prudential teachings on mixed marriages, *The distinctions between a valid marriage and a sacramental marriage, *The proper context of human sexuality and procreation (otherwise known as marriage), *The clear distinction between divorce and annulment. *And much more.