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100 Books To Read Before The Four Last Things


The Essential Guide to Catholic Spiritual Classics

Marie I. George



So, you want to do some Catholic spiritual reading! But how to begin? Where to take a seat at so abundant and varied a banquet? What better offerings could there be than a return to treasured classics served up afresh and seasoned with select recent works arising from the heart of our own time? And this is what we find laid out in 100 Books to Read Before the Four Last Things. Here are short reviews–written by lay people of all ages and walks of life, for lay people equally diverse–that will not only guide readers through our rich heritage of Catholic works on the spiritual life, past and present, but help each select works and formulate a path tailored to their own background, temperament, and stage of spiritual development. Look no further. Delay no longer. Here is a book that, no matter who you are, offers stepping-stones to a path of spiritual deepening.

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Hardcover, Paperback