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Marian Catechist Copyright

The contents of the Marian Catechist website are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

Visitors are welcome to download any of its pages for their own use, or for the use of parish classes or other small gatherings. However, the work must not be altered in any way, and the Marian Catechist copyright notice must appear on all copies. Anyone who would like to publish any Marian Catechist work or make more than about ten copies may do so only with the International Coordinator’s written permission.

Other Copyrighted Material on This Site

Inter Mirifica

Permission is granted to print Father Hardon’s statement on the writing apostolate of the Marian Catechists from this web site for private use.

For any further distribution of this or other articles copyrighted by Inter Mirifica, please request prior approval from Inter Mirifica.

Carol Lankford

Intimacy With Jesus Through Scripture is copyrighted © 1994, 2003 by Carol Lankford. This modern English description of the timeless Lectio Divina was written by Carol Lankford. It may be reprinted without alterations, including copyright notation, for classroom & individual use. No reproduction for publication without permission. To obtain permission, write to the International Coordinator.

What is Copyright Protection?

U.S. Copyright Office

When the Marian Catechist standard copyright notice (bottom of page) and a specific copyright notice both appear on a page, the one higher up on the page always takes precedence. In case of any question ask the International Coordinator.