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From His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

Directives and Memos to Members

  1. Alpha in a Catholic Context (Printable PDF)
  2. Attending a “Catholic” Seder Meal (Printable PDF)
  3. Consciousness of the Human Soul at the Moment of Death (Printable PDF)
  4. Mary’s Sinlessness (Printable PDF)
  5. Private Revelations and the Mission of the Marian Catechist Apostolate (Printable PDF)
  6. Plan for Lay Catholics in these Perilous Times (Printable PDF)
    1. Developing Lives of Peace after the Heart of Mary (Printable PDF)
    2. The Plenitudo Potestais (Fullness of Power) of the Roman Pontiff (Printable PDF)
    3. Reparation and Apology to Our Lord-Compiled by Father Francis Larkin, SS.CC. (Printable PDF, print on paper size is 11×17)
    4. Penance and Reparation by Father John A. Hardon, S.J. (Printable PDF)

Consecration Weekend with His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, July 2019

The following audio recordings from this year’s Consecration Weekend are presented here for your edification. His Eminence is discussing the booklet, “Declaration of truths relating to some of the most common errors in the life of the Church of our time.” 

The Crisis in the Catholic Church, Part One

Download MP3 (46:30)

The Crisis in the Catholic Church, Part Two