Marian Catechist Writers Apostolate

Marty Barrack

Marty Barrack

Father Hardon set up the Marian Catechist Apostolate to build channels of grace for the Church Militant’s spiritual war against the forces of Satan.

The core of Father’s vision was that, to teach the Faith once delivered to the saints, a catechist had to be both Marian and catechetical, and that Catholics with strong spiritual and doctrinal formation have a strong moral obligation to produce first class writing for the New Evangelization.

Many Catholic editors these days are seeing relatively few first class manuscripts and have to use some second class manuscripts. At this critical hour in the spiritual war, when the truths of our Catholic faith are so desperately needed in the world, when every faithful Catholic should be spending every waking minute teaching the great truths of our Catholic faith. Our mission straight from Father Hardon is to produce first class written material and get it published.

Absolutely the best guide to good writing style is a book written about a hundred years ago by a Professor of English, William Strunk, Jr, The Elements of Style. Use it. Depend on it. Writers who need more depth will do well with the Chicago Manual of Style. Most publishers have a “house style” but prefer to receive manuscripts in Chicago Manual format and have their own in-house editors apply the house style.

To help us get it published, in 1998 Father authorized a Writing Apostolate of the Marian Catechists and asked me to start and run it. My mission is providing the information we need to publish our ideas in print and digital media.

The print media information is all here on our web site in Writing for Publication because the Writers Apostolate is a Marian Catechist project.

The digital media information is all on my Second Exodus site, in New Evangelization and all its sub-pages, so Marian Catechists can see how the strategies look in practice. To see sub-pages, in the top-down menu, under Catholic Church, hover the cursor over New Evangelization. Several pages will appear. Then hover the cursor over each sub-page to see the next-level sub-pages.